From the New Haven Register:
In Hamden and New Haven, ex-offenders fight violence on the front lines, 'a strong, powerful message'. Read the article.

Charles Barber & William Outlaw in conversation.

Quinnipiac Terrace, the housing project where William Outlaw grew up.

Outlaw, age 10, outside of his home in New Haven.

Outlaw, age fourteen, on the cusp of his gang career.

William Outlaw's first mugshot, 1984.

Outlaw in 1988 at the height of the gang.

Outlaw the kingpin.

The Jungle Boys gang, in custom Dapper Dan outfits.

Outlaw in Connecticut prison, 1990, wearing a gold chain.

Lewisburg Federal Prison, where Outlaw was transferred in 1992.

Solitary confinement cell, Leavenworth Federal Prison.

Outlaw at Lewisburg prison, 1996, wearing designer sneakers and jewelry.

Richard “Doc” Whitmire, the prison therapist who changed Outlaw’s life.

A vigil after the death of one of Outlaw’s clients.

Outlaw in 2019, mentoring youth in New Haven.

Outlaw and his fiancé.

Outlaw overlooking the rubble of the project where he ran the gang.

Charles Barber and William Outlaw, Wesleyan University, 2018.

Outlaw in New Haven, 2019.

William Outlaw, Dapper Dan and Charles Barber.

Charlie, Richard Whitmire and William, 2019.