William Outlaw's Connecticut Violence Interruption Project

Outlaw’s work in the Connecticut Violence Interruption Project is heavily featured in the second part of Citizen Outlaw. CTVIP has been highly successful at reducing gun violence among in New Haven and providing youth with opportunities to support their growth through three core activities:

1. Interrupting the contagion of violence through intervention immediately after an incident to de-escalate conflict with the highest risk youth.

2. Providing consistent and ongoing behavior change practices and supports for the highest risk individuals in the community.

3. Transforming community norms that encourage and exacerbate violence in chronically violent neighborhoods to healthy norms that reject the use of violence.

CTVIP is supported by the City of New Haven, the City of Hamden, and Yale New Haven Hospital. To learn more and support the work of William Outlaw and Leonard Jahad, contact them at

Charles Barber and The Connection Institute

Charles Barber co-directs The Connection’s Institute for Innovative Practice, dedicated to the meaningful integration of research, theory, and practice required to address the complex needs of the human services profession. He co-designed a federally funded research study that showed dramatically reduced recidivism among former prisoners who received professional mentoring from their peers with lived experience. Charles has developed a storytelling curriculum for The Connection, Second Story, and teaches it in a variety of settings. To contact Charles or his colleagues, please use the contact form.